Earthing Grid Design & Testing

We are specialists in Designing and testing of  Grounding Grids to IEEE Std- 80 and Australian Standards using  ETAP software for Substations and Generating Stations. If the Soil resistivity is high, we provide design solutions to bring the touch and step voltages to safe limits. We can do the installation and testing also. We provide affordable earthing grid design and testing in Brisbane and all over Australia.Testing is done with three point or four point test methods.The features of the design are listed below:

  •   Calculate the tolerable Step and Touch potentials
  •   Compare potentials against the actual, calculated Step and Touch potentials
  •   Optimize the number of conductors with fixed rods based on cost and safe
  •  Optimize the number of conductors and rods based on cost and safety
  •  Calculate the maximum allowable current for specified conductors
  •  Compare allowable currents against fault currents
  •  Calculate ground system resistance 
  •  Calculate ground potential rise
  •  Allow a two-layer soil configuration in addition to the surface material
  •  Ground grid configurations showing conductor and rod plots
  •  Display 3-D/contour Touch, Step and Absolute voltage plots
  •  Calculate Absolute, Step and Touch potentials at any point in the configuration
  • Conductor/Rod can be oriented in any possible 3-D direction¬∑ 
  •  Handle irregular configurations of any shape

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Date published: 02/17/2016
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