Load Flow Studies

The Load Flow Study in a power system constitute a study of paramount importance. We have recently done a load flow study on the 22KV and LV reticulation system for Cheetham Salt Mines, Bajool, Queensland, Australia. We use Etap Software for performing Load Flow Studies. The study reveals the Electrical Performance and Power Flows ( real and reactive) for specified conditions when the system is operating under steady state. The load flow study also provides information about the line and transformer loads as well as losses throughout the system and voltages at different points in the system for evaluation and regulation of the performance of the power system under different conditions. Further alternative plans for future expansion to meet new load demands can be analyzed and a complete information is made available through the study.

Adequacy of system components can be evaluated( transmission lines, breakers, cables, var compensators, inductance and capacitance banks, power factor correction equipment etc) using load flow study. Please contact us for evaluating your needs and a free quotation on 0423087897.

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Date published: 02/17/2016
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