Power System Analysis

Power system analysis is an integral part of power system study to enable the Electrical Engineer to design, maintain and operate any power supply whether it is to a small town, a factory, a city , a state or a the whole country.

The essential compoments of a power system- generators, transformers, transforemers, tarnsmission lines, var compensators, cables, loads, etc are modelled by their mathematical equivalents and studied using power sytem  anlysis software. They are used at planning stage to study generation reguirements required to supply loads at various load centres, compute losses in transmission. We have recently completed a complete power system analysis for the medium voltage and low voltage distribution network at Cheetham Salt, Bajool, Queensland, Australia. We are capable of performing complete power system analysis of a large network or any power grid in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, Adelaide, Rockhampton, Gladstone or any where in Australia.

As electric utilities have grown in size, and the number of interconnections have increased, planning for future expansion has become increasingly complex. The increasing cost of additions and modifications has made it imperative that utilities consider a range of design options and perform detailed studies. Such studies include power flow ( load flow), stability, short circuit and transient programs.

Power flow study compute the the voltage magnitudes, phase angles, and transmission power flows, transmission losses for a network under steady state operating conditions.Other results, including transformer tap settings and generator reactive power outputs are also computed.

Stability studiess are used to study power systems under disturbance conditions to to determine  whether synchronous generators and motors remain in synchronism.System disturbances can be caused by sudden loss of a generator  or transmission line, by sudden load increase or decreases, and by short circuits andswitching operations.

Short circuit studies are used to compute three phase and line to line and line to ground faults in power system networks in order to select circuit breakers for fault interruption, select relays that detect faults and control circuit breakers and determine relay settings.

Transient studies compute the magnitude and shapse of transient over voltages and currents that result from lightning strikes and line switching operations. Insulation co-ordination and surge arrestor requirements are determined from the results.

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Date published: 02/17/2016
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