Relay Testing Services

We specialize in testing all types of Protection Relays used in the Electrical Engineering Industry. As a local company in Brisbane, our services are available not only in Brisbane and surrounds, but all over Australia. A list of all types of relays we can test are given below:

Over current relay

IDMT over current relay

Under current Relay

Earth fault relay

Over Voltage relay

Under voltage relay

Differential relay

Negative sequence relay

Synchronizing check relay

Voltage or current balance relay

Thermal relay

Time delay relay

Checking or interlocking relay

A.C reclosing relay

Field Failure Relay

Reverse phase or phase balance current relay

Bearing protective relay

Instantaneous over current or rate-of-rise relay

A.C time over current relay

Trip coil supervision relay

Over flux relay

Auxiliary relay

Time delay stopping or opening relay (Break failure)

Blocking relay

Lock out relay

Automatic selective control or transfer relay

All Types of Electro Magnetic / Static relays

Impedance/ Distance Relays

Mho Relays

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Date published: 02/17/2016
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