Safety Switch Keeps Tripping

This is a very common problem  found in most of the houses . Once the safety switch trips you may find that

it keeps on tripping when turned back on or the safety switch won't reset. Safety switch is a switch that turns off the electricity supply if an electrical fault or leakage is detected. Safety switches protect people from electric shock, electricity related fires, injuries and death. When a leakage is detected it turns off the electricity in a few milli-seconds. This can happen due to inadvertent  contacts, faulty power points, faulty wiring, or faulty electrical appliances or failure of wiring insulation .If the faulty devices have been isolated and the safety switch still keeps tripping or you are not able to isolate the faulty devices, please give us a call on 0423087897 for a fast response. You can contact us by email also on . We are available for service in all suburbs of Brisbane.

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Date published: 02/17/2016
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